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A14 World 2 to February 8, 2017 Atlanta Hispanic World School Superintendent ensures that it will not tolerate any type of attack or harassment against students .TradiversityStraForTaleza Schools of Dekalb County send a message to students. File MH Johannesroseló (Hidden) before the atmosphere of uncertainty of many immigrants after President Donald Trump promote the new executive actions, the Superintendent of the Decarb School District, Stephen Green, sent a message to immigrant students and families of This county. We have 102,000 students, they come from more than 180 countries and speak 140 languages. We value them, we love and respect them and respect what their presence tells us about the Nobility and Generosity of the US. Our diversity is our strength, Green said in a statement. I want to assure our students that we have a profound commitment to be culturally responsible with them. We strongly support the diversity of our school system and value our role supporting immigrant communities through the benefit of quality education. That is our primordial value, the superintendent added. Green was also emphatically, in which schools will not tolerate any type of leader MH. Stephen Green, superintendent of Dekalb schools. Wealth. The Dekalb School District is very diverse, has students from 180 countries that speak 140 languages, said the Green Superintendent.

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