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So I lost hope until I decided to check again if I would find help while I was looking for and I decided to look for a legitimate loan company. I found this company called the Loan Company Patricia Kingsman. I saw many testimonies on which people comment but because they cheated me several times, I thought it was a scam, but I did what they asked me and I waited for my loan and Mrs. Patricia Kingsman told me in less than 8 hours I would be with my loan safely, I did not believe it because I thought it was also a scam, so that day was at night in Ecuador and slept the nest in the morning when I woke up, I received an alert from my bank that there was money on my account and immediately called my bank to confirm and the bank’s manager told me to go to the bank immediately and went immediately when the bank opened when the bank’s manager verified my account, we saw an amount of $ 135,000.00 USD that are US dollars and I explained to my manager that I applied for an online loan and my Bank Maneng Er was surprised if there was still a real and legitimate loan company online. I’m very happy. Thanks to Patricia Kingsman. I decided to write on the Internet because I saw other people do it and testify about this company. That’s why I’m publishing this message. Online for anyone who needs a loan, even if it has been deceived before requesting this company and can be sure that this company will not disappoint it. Greetings to anyone who reads my message and can contact this company by mail (Hidden) also use whatsapp, whose number is +1 (575) 655-0066. Once again, my greetings to anyone who reads my message and pray for you to be happy as I am today with this company because I bring more people to this company to help me.

Greetings to all, my name is Kojonka Moe and I am from Chile. I have heard of people who testify about this company called Patricia Kingsman and this is the first time I request an online loan. I was afraid to request an online loan because of the scam I see. On the Internet, but after reading so many testimonies about this company, I decided to try and request a loan from this company called Patricia Kingsman, who needed money and needed a loan of 9,000,000.00 Chilean pesos. So I applied for and told me what to do, I was afraid, but I gave the company the opportunity to help me and assured me that in less than 8 hours I will receive the loan on my own.

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