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She comes from Braintree on the South Shore, weighs many pounds too little, wears brass-colored lipstick and her dry hair fluffed up in the Afro of past decades. Her face has the concave, elongated, sharp look of the late-stage Ice284 addicts. Her hairstyle is a dry matted cloud under which

tiny eyes, bones and a vulture nose stick out. Joelle v. D. had said that it almost looked as if Ruth van Cleve’s head was growing out of her hair instead of the other way around. Kate Gompert’s hair has a butcher’s block cut, but at least one recognizable color. Kate Gompert has not slept for four nights in a row, and her shuffling up the Prospect is like the lazy maneuvering of a boat in no hurry. Ruth van Cleve swells them into the ground. It’s Saturday, around 10:00 p.m., and the sodium lamps go off and on with a stuttering hum, must have been making some loose contact inside. The sidewalks are densely populated, the undead and drunkards who live in the streets around Inman Square also fill the edges of the sidewalks, and when Kate G. looks at the reflections of the passers-by in the dark shop windows, they are (pedestrians and undead snack specialists ) only heads floating in the windows without any connection to anything. Detached hover heads. In the shop entrances there are incomplete people in wheelchairs with creative containers

where limbs belong and handwritten requests to help them. An oral narrative is taking shape. Ms. Ruth v. C. was from the S.P.D. and on family court at Ennet House after their newborn was found in an alley in Braintree, Massachusetts, wrapped in promotional material from WalMart, whose September Full Moon tokens were valid until November 1, a Sunday. Rather unwise, Ruth van Cleve had left the hospital bracelet with the date of birth, her own name and her health insurance number on the wrist of the discarded baby. The child is now apparently cabled in the incubator of a hospital on the South Shore and is being weaned from the clonidine285 that it had ingested in an intrauterine addiction to intoxicants about which Kate Gompert can only speculate.286 The father of Ruth van Cleve’s child, she says, is under the protection and custody of the Norfolk County Correctional Services and awaits verdict for Ruth van Cleve’s so-called running one on several occasions

pharmaceutical company without a trade license. What is noteworthy about Kate Gompert is that she can seemingly move forward without conscious willpower. She puts the left foot in front of the right foot and then the right foot in front of the left foot and moves forward, her whole self, although she can only concentrate on one foot and only then on the other.

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