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I never believed what people said about the company until I presented the request and I tried it, the amount that I was looking for was great and was for real estate property the amount of the loan was $ 10.5 million of US dollars, so I presented my application and Mrs. Patricia Kingsman talked to me, but as my loan was great, it took me only 15 hours receiving my loan because I was told that the loan service was 8 hours to receive it. The only thing she told me to do was to deposit the bank transfer rate that the bank was going to use to transfer my loan to my bank account when she told me that once I feared it was a scam, but I told him to leave me. A test, I deposited the transfer rate that was indicated and that was all I deposited in less than 15 hours. I received a message from my bank that indicates that the amount of $ 10.5 million US dollars was accredited in my bank account and everything. About money, details and who came from, there was Patricia Kingsman who helped me when I saw him for the first time. She surprised me that she had never believed my eyes, but it was true. So, from other people, I told myself that the company helped testify about the good actions that allowed me to do mine because it is not easy to see a legitimate loan company online today, so any person you need An online loan without being cheated. Because only that can help, I have confirmed it and it is true, I am so happy and I know that this company will make other people happier than me. You can contact this company by email or WhatsApp BT used whatsapp because it was the fastest mail address of the company is (Hidden) and WhatsApp ES ++ 1 (575) 655-0066. Thank you all, greetings from Anthony Nathaniel Aczel from Ecuador.

All thanks to Patricia Kingsman for helping me with my loan after being scammed 6 times by false people who claim to be loan lenders. My name is Rethabile Grace Thandolwethhus, I’m from Ecuador and I live in the city of Quito. A month ago I was looking for an online loan and I saw different lenders on the Internet and with some false testimonies and requested them and everything I got were scammers, I requested more than 6 companies and cheated all the way.

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